Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Book Corner

Alrighty. Since I am a Grandmaster Wizard at Procrastination (I should be studying for two tests), I will now be starting this new tradition: book reviews! Yay......*claps for self*

And, today I broke my record of roughly three days: previously held by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (three days roughly...I did sleep...)

Drumroll please!!

My new record is now: Twilight in......I'd say about seven hours to start AND finish! I must say, Mrs. Meyers...well done. :)

YLIIYL: vampire stories, romance, adventure, fantasy

It's a book geared for young adults, but I was absolutely mesmerized! (Well, I guess I am a young adult, I just normally don't head to the young fic section of Barnes & Noble) I could not put it down and actually suffered car sickness cause I HAD to attempt to read in the car....the story, the characters (OH! EDWARD! He can bite my neck anyday), the sexual tension! Sheila, if you loved Becoming Jane, wait til you read this. OMG. :D

And on a last note, I normally don't read/like vampire fiction, but this is absolutely amazing. I'm going out and buying this. Immediately.

<3 An Edward fangirl

Can't wait for the movie!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


She pisses me off. Why must 13 year olds be such pains?!

Rolls eyes OYE.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Killing time...oh the boredom.

Peter and fellow pirates crash into Goldman's pharmacy through the window
Goldman: "Ahhh!!! Kristallnacht!!!!

Hahahahaha....oh, Family Guy, you amuse me so. :)

Anyways, I'm trying to kill time while waiting to shift laundry from washer to dryer. : p
I guess I could be doing homework or reading, but I'd rather blog and watch Family Guy. Aw, Chris just fell in love. (Only fellow FG viewers would understand the odd attraction to this show) So last night I'm at work and I'm walking in from grabbing my debit card (hey, I had DVDs to buy) and my friend asks if, invited to her wedding, would I show up drunk. I look around at the two managers and, sensing a good opportunity to show moral fiber, replied, "Absolutely not."
Kat: "Really? Cause they said they would." points to the managers
Manager #1: "You wouldn't?"
Me: "Nope. I absolutely cannot stand the taste of alcohol." (Very true.)
Manager #2: "Wow. That's cool."
Manager #1: "Not even beer?"
Me: "Nope. Too bitter." (Also true.) "And I also don't like not being able to control my actions or judgements." (Absopositivlylutely true.)
Manager #1: "That's what's fun!"

*sigh* Why do people love the buzz so much? I don't understand. You drink until you no longer have control over your actions and then do something you later: A) don't remember or B) regret wholeheartedly. Or even C) all of the above!!
Yeah, that totally makes sense. *rolls eyes*

Anyhoohas, I'm tired and my head is still stuffed up from this head cold. But I have started on this scarf I'm making for a guyfriend (who shall remain nameless) for Christmas. It'll be in the colors of the German flag and t'will be totally awesome. Can't wait. Will hopefully get some pics up soon. :)


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Work Conversations Sheila has "Conversations with Samuel"...and it occurred to me how hilarious a day at work can be. (I work for Toys R Us....gets pretty crazy.) Anyways, so I decided it would be fun to share some of these with you:

Little boy walks in with his mom/gma and throws his arms up in the air: "It smells like new toys in here!!"

Twelve year old rushes into the store frantically, out of breath: "Excuse me, are you open?!?"
After looking around at the fifty+ customers, I exchange a disbelieving glance with a customer while praying for a non-sarcastic response: "Yes."

More to come. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

First rant....Yayyyyy...

Kay, why do people have to be so incredibly rude? I walk into the JC bookstore this morning to try and purchase a packet for my English class that I have needed now for about a week. I have an assignnment due today, but I guess that will be late, due to the rudeness of the "gentleman" running the entrance line. With me I had my history book which I had purchased almost a week before from an entirely different bookstore. Apparently I can't take it in, even though they saw me walk in with it and I HAVE A RECEIPT!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Third semester and counting....

So my third semester has started....kind of weird thinking that I'm almost ready to transfer! I started last Monday and so far my classes seem alright. :)

I'm taking 13 units, which, honestly, is less than what I'm used to. M/W I have British history (for which I'm supposed to be reading right now...) and so far it's pretty interesting. We've started waaaay back at the Prehistoric Age and it's actually quite compelling. It doesn't look like it'll be a cinch, but then again this is my major and it's all about learning. :)
Next I have English:Science Fiction I thought I was geeky/nerdy, but I don't even come close to these boys. : p They seem great though and I have a couple of friends in there with me so I'm looking forward to it. The professor, despite making us buy five freaking books (YIKES), is a pretty cool guy so far with a great sense of humor. Again, looking like a little challenge.
Art History: Ancient to Medieval ends my day. And so far.....*snores* I appreciate art and I enjoy looking at it, but I've never been an art fanatic. And really, it's just looking at a bunch of it might be a little difficult come test time. Oh well...flashcards, right?

T/R I start out with Fencing!! I'm already sore! And my knees were really bothering me at first, but a married couple prayed healing over my knees today at church and I have bright hopes for the future. We'll see what the Lord has in store. They're already feeling better. Hopefully I'll be able to play polo or track....We'll wait and see. I'll be sure to keep to posted....hahaha...get it? "Posted?" That was actually unintentional...
After a three hour break, I have Philosophy:Logic/Critical Thinking. Very cool. I'm excited. I love figuring stuff out. I'm such a Ravenclaw. Fridays I have free, so hopefully those will be spent knitting with Sheila and sleeping. :)
Work'll be crazy. Let's see how long I can keep blogging and still make time for devotions, family, friends, school and work. Heehee..